All romans come with the option of a standard Lining, blackout and thermal linings also available.

Roman blinds or Roman shades are made out of fabric that gradually folds up in a concertina style as the blind is opened. You can see this fabric panel even when the blind is rolled up above the window recess, so choose a stylish, sumptuous fabric from our huge range, and coordinate with your décor.

Roman blinds offer elegant styling with a neat finish, and are also available with electric or smart control. We'll let you know more about that below.

Our Roman blind range features over 300 beautiful fabrics, in a mix of plains, textures and prints to suit every taste in colour or design. All of the fabrics are also available in made to measure Curtains and Cushions, so you can offer a co-ordinated look to your customers. Every fabric passes through stringent testing for shrinkage and light fastness, so you can be sure of a high quality product every time.

We Supply Fabrics from Green & Brown and Aquarius


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Why should I choose Roman blinds?

Roman blinds are great for:

  • Creating a classy, more luxurious look at your windows
  • Performance linings like Blackout or Thermal are great for light control in bedrooms
  • Helping reduce heat loss through your windows - thermal Roman blinds with an interlining help reduce heat loss through your windows by 21%
  • Layering with window coverings like Curtains for added warmth and style
  • Maintaining your privacy by covering the window completely so prying eyes can't see in

Gallery of Roman Blinds

See some of our beautiful Roman Blinds installations